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One (Simple) Hack to Fill Out More College Questionnaires FAST

College Recruiting Questionnaires

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Filling out all of those college questionnaires is hard and time-consuming.  But what if I told you I could make it a little bit easier for you?

Today I’m going to share with you one simple hack that’ll save you a ton of time filling out those college questionnaires.

This hack is called Recruit Spot.

Recruit Spot with Nadeau Sports Recruiting

Head over to It works for almost every questionnaire. It’s free. You don’t have to pay a dollar. They don’t have some premium service. It’s just a free tool.

What this does, is you can use Recruit Spot to quickly fill out questionnaires.

When you see this on a questionnaire you can sign in using Recruit Spot and your profile information will automatically appear.   You can access your Recruit Spot account and update them at any time!

Completed questionnaires are saved to your Recruit Spot profile where you can update them and alert coaches.

Recruit Spot Questionnaires Filled Out

Coaches want you to fill out their recruit questionnaires.  Visiting a program’s website and filling out their online recruiting questionnaire is a great way to get on a coach’s radar screen.

Combine this with intro emails with links to your dedicated online profile with Nadeau Sports Recruiting, this is a sure fire way to get on coaches radar.

And the best part about it is, signing up is super simple. You sign up, again it’s free, you put in your information once, as you go to a recruiting questionnaire and sign in with your Recruit Spot account it’ll then populate the form with all of your data from Recruit Spot.

There’s not much more to that.

Now here are some things I’ve learned by using Recruit Spot if you want to get the most out of filling out college recruiting questionnaires.

What you’ll find is, not all questionnaires use Recruit Spot. So you will have to fill out some forms without simply signing into Recruit Spot.  However, it is being used 8000+ times.

Just because you can complete a questionnaire doesn’t mean you should. All of the recruiting best practices apply, such as doing your research on a team, making sure the school is a good fit, creating an online profile and writing personalized emails.

Most college programs will send you something if you complete a questionnaire, and it is best to save yours and the coaches’ time if you were never that interested, to begin with.

A good practice is to set up your online profile, write personalized messages, fill out questionnaires and follow up with a phone call, in that order.

This will guarantee you get more questionnaires filled out in a shorter period of time.

Most of the student-athletes working with Nadeau Sports Recruiting have a Recruit Spot profile. It’s the simplest, easiest way to get more questionnaires filled out and best of all it’s free.

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