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Everything a coach needs to evaluate you as a prospect in one place. Keep your profile up to date so you can ensure coaches have the information they need when they need it.

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The Student-Athlete Blueprint: Our Premium Course

Preparing and developing young student-athletes and their families with the necessary skills, habits, tools, and coaching to promote your game to the right teams and coaches. The Student-Athlete Blueprint is designed for student-athletes and their families who want to play their sport at a high level after high school.

NCAA Hockey Divison One Schools
School Search

Find the right fit.

Researching schools lays the foundation for your recruiting process and building your target list. Learn how to filter schools by location, division, test scores, etc.  This will build your target list and find schools that fit your athletic and academic goals. 

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Recruiting Checklist

Stay organized. 

As you research schools, build a target list organized by fit to keep track of where you are in the process with each one. Our checklist will provide you with the steps necessary from year-to-year to make sure you stay on track and never miss a beat with your recruiting process.

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NCAA Hockey Hilight Video
Recruiting Videos

Show coaches your game. 

There is no denying the crucial role highlight videos can play for many student-athletes in their recruiting process.  Learn how to create a highlight reel video for your profile, from start to finish. Our course will show you how to exactly put your video together. 

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Email & Voicemail Scripts

Gain exposure.

Before you start firing off emails to coaches around the globe, there are a few specific details you need to know first.  With our course, you will receive scripts that you can customize to your needs.  All you need to do is fill in the blanks with your information and invite your dream schools to evaluate you in seconds. 

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Showcase Event Search

Get noticed.

Showcase your skills at college prospect events across the country.  Attending these types of events can be a crucial step in your recruiting process, but it’s important to know how to make them worth your while, as they can be fairly costly and time-consuming.  Our course will show you how to find the right event so you get discovered.  

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How Coaches Recruit

College athletic recruiting is a complex process.

There are many times during the recruiting process where families are left wondering, “Now what do we do?” Managing your recruiting is an understated, yet crucial, part of the process.  Our course will help you do exactly that and explain eligibility, scholarships and share with you the tools needed to be successful.

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