About Chris

Former Pro Athlete Turned Recruiter

Becoming a professional athlete takes dedication, hard work, the right opportunities, and grit. Maybe not as much grit as the Philadelphia Flyers new mascot, but enough to get through the tough journey that is playing college sports.

Do you have what it takes to become a successful college athlete? With my help, you will.

Chris Nadeau, NCAA Athlete Recruiter

Can you find me in this pic?  Shreveport Mudbugs, 2000 WPHL Champions

My Athletic Background

As a former professional hockey player, I know what it takes to turn a childhood dream into reality. This obviously did not come easy.

As an athlete, I was willing to do whatever I could to reach the next level. When I was a teenager, I had heard of the NCAA, but I never really knew how to get there. My parents and I had no experience and no guidance on how to get to the NCAA. It seemed daunting and confusing.

With two working parents, the journey seemed all too overwhelming. We spent a lot of time worrying about making wrong decisions that could have a lasting impact on my professional career. I decided to not take the traditional NCAA route making my personal journey harder than it had to be.

Why? Because I didn’t have the right guidance.

Fast forward 30 years, my son is now chasing the same dream. This time I have the knowledge to make the correct decisions. This time the athlete, my son—has the right guidance.

I had learned so much from my own athletic journey, but I have learned so much more leading my son on his own path.

Tireless hours were spent researching all the information available on what takes for Canadian athletes to get noticed by NCAA coaches. As an athlete or the parent of an athlete with no professional guidance, the path to the NCAA can sometimes seem impossible.

I have been in this situation – as both the athlete, and now as a parent. My extraordinary experiences have prepared me to become a dedicated athletic recruiter for, not only the athlete, but the whole person as well.

Experience Leads to Results

Through personal experience as an athlete and athletic advisor, I have discovered the best ways to help parents and athletes break through the barriers of making it to the next level and play college sports.

Young athletes should not have to worry if their talent will go unnoticed. Parents should not have to solely carry the burden that comes with molding potential athletic stars.

The path to college sports is tricky and overwhelming, but with my services, it won’t be.

The Benefits of Our Partnership

As your advisor, I will take care of all the research that comes during your bid to play college sports. This entails discovering the appropriate schools, finding roster openings of those desired schools, and building connections with college coaches—while creating scholarship opportunities.

My work will save you countless hours of time and effort.

Together we will make your young athlete visible to both the right colleges and coaches.

I succeed when you succeed. It is not too late to begin the process. Click the button below to start your free trial and let’s begin our partnership. Let me help you and your child make the path to playing college sports easier and turn your athletic dreams into a reality.