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EP 08: A Discussion About How The Love For The Game Of Hockey Can Guide You In Life

For The Love Of The Game Of Hockey

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Many teams have finished their regular season here in New Brunswick and some were lucky enough to win provincial championships this past weekend and some are heading to provincials in the coming weeks.  It’s an exciting time of year with everyone looking to finish strong.  It’s weekends like this that make you think about what your most memorable moments are from playing hockey as a kid and how it developed your love of the game.

In this episode, I was the one being interviewed by Martin MacKinnon who has an exciting new podcast on the horizon about minor hockey and he was kind enough to let me use the interview for the Start Your Journey Podcast.

Even though I didn’t start playing organized hockey until later than most, listen to my story on how the goal was to keep playing the game I love, just trying to get to that next level and seeing where the game I loved could take me in life.

Also, listen to discover:

  • When I started playing organized hockey
  • Why I chose hockey over baseball
  • How I felt about my kids starting hockey
  • My take on coaching minor hockey
  • Does “winning” make you a better person
  • How a minor hockey coach should really grade themselves
  • The parent/coach relationship in youth sports
  • Want to win versus winning
  • The cost of playing youth sports $$$
  • Recreational hockey versus elite hockey
  • The paths in a sport to any level are never the same
  • How to stay on the path


The bottom line is wherever you are at right now, it is important to remember why you started this journey…it was for the love of the game.

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