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EP 07: How to Get Recruited To An Ivy League School If You’re From A Small Town

Getting Recruited To Ivy League School From A Small Town

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In this episode of the Start Your Journey podcast, get ready to learn how Adam King, a squash player from the small town of Oromocto, New Brunswick was recruited by Dartmouth College, one of the eight Ivy League schools in the NCAA.

This is an inspiring episode today, with Adam. Adam was the number one recruit out of Eastern Canada in 2004 and was a resounding academic and athletic force at Oromocto High School. Adam competed on Dartmouth’s varsity squash team for four years and was team captain and MVP during his senior year.

Listen to discover:

  • Adam’s favourite diner
  • How Adam was introduced to squash
  • How he trained for his sport as a junior
  • How other sports made him a better squash player
  • How he used being from a small part of the world as motivation
  • Does attending tournaments in Ontario help you get recruited?
  • His experience attending a squash camp at Dartmouth College before he decided to play NCAA squash
  • Why he chose Dartmouth College over attending UNB on a full academic scholarship
  • How scholarships work for Ivy League schools
  • His crazy SAT story and what he recommends doing
  • Do schools only look at your marks?
  • What does a day look like for a varsity athlete?
  • Next steps after graduating from Dartmouth College in 2008.  Pro squash?

Clearly, getting into an Ivy League school is an impressive achievement. So, how did Adam do it? Press play to learn how.


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