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EP 06: How Great Athletes Train with Strength Coach Matt Forgie

How Great Athletes Train with Strength Coach Matt Forgie

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In this episode, I talk with Matt Forgie who is a strength coach, chiropractor and gym owner at Forfitness and Athletics. Matt has worked with a number of the top athletes from Southern New Brunswick.

With Matt, it is all about mindset and finding ways for athletes to reach their top capacity for their sport. When I met Matt a couple of years ago while helping my son get through an injury, then helping him with is strength and conditioning, I knew I had to get him on the podcast. I am excited to introduce him to you and have him talk about how great athletes train with him, so parents of young athletes or young athletes can apply it in their routine.

So what are the secrets to building your capacity to compete at the highest level in your sport?  Matt shares what he thinks you need to do.

Also, listen to discover:

  • Matt’s favourite comfort food
  • How exercise for treatment turned into a 4,000 sq foot gym for elite athletes
  • What age should athletes think about training away from their sport
  • The best time to build strength as a child
  • How do you create an offseason for training when you play your sport 12 months a year?
  • How you can cheat the system and gain the edge over your competitors
  • How coaches and parents can help their athletes understand the importance of training outside of their sport
  • Should elite athletes move outside of Atlantic Canada to get better?
  • Why Matt loves golf
  • What it is like to train an undefeated MMA athlete
  • How mindset can help you achieve your goals as an athlete


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