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EP 02: How To Use a Grinding Mentality to Sell Yourself to NCAA Coaches with Luke Saunders

Luke Sunders, NCAA Tennis

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In this session of the Start Your Journey Podcast, I’m pleased to have the opportunity to interview Luke Saunders, former college tennis player at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Luke is a friend of mine who now coaches tennis at the Atlantic Tennis Centre, yet he still makes enough time to train and play tons of open tennis events all over the East Coast.

In this episode, he shares:

  • Where he gets the best fish and chips and sushi in Halifax.
  • How he got started in tennis.
  • Finding places to train and get better (Ontario, Italy, Florida and Nova Scotia).
  • How his parents supported him.
  • Did playing multi-sports like hockey, curling, tennis help him?
  • How he pushed his tennis brand.
  • The best piece of advice he learned while getting killed in the NB Open Final.
  • And he even name drops a bunch of tennis names from Atlantic Canada, so make sure you listen and see if he mentions you. 😉
I've gotta push my own brand to these college coaches and I don't care what they think of my rankings or what they think of my playing style. I need to sell to each coach I am the best player for their program. -- Luke Saunders Click To Tweet

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