EP 04: 4-Point Athlete Promotion Christmas Break Checklist

Christmas Break Athlete Promotion

In this episode, I discuss the 4-point athlete promotion checklist you should be doing this Christmas Break. Many athletes focus on honing their skills, which is super important, however when you are taking a break from training and playing, put some energy into promoting yourself. Tune in to see whether you are hitting these 4 […]

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Score a Recruitment: Your Ultimate College Hockey Recruiting Guide

Countless people love hockey. It’s thrilling, exhilarating, and most of all, it’s tough. And, for those able to adapt to this fast-paced and physically demanding sport, the thought of continuous challenges is alluring. Players want to increase their skill, outdo their own records, and take their team to new heights. The love of hockey can […]

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Start Your Journey Podcast EP 0: The Beginning

Start Your Journey Podcast Episode 0: The Beginning

This is the first episode welcoming me to your earlobes. Despite a few deep breaths and a couple of nervous sniffles, I discuss my story, why I decided to start Nadeau Sports Recruiting, my very own recruiting story and I ask you a quick question at the end of the podcast that you are definitely going […]

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